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What to Give a Dog on Their Birthday

By Pauline Key

Parties for dogs have gotten bigger over the years and so should the gifts. Just as many pet owners are invited to celebrate a dog’s birthday as there are invited to a human’s birthday. You should always bring a gift for the dog’s birthday too. More unique products for dogs can be found online. Here are some cool gifts to give a dog.

The Bark Box is the ultimate pet gift box you can find. Pets will love this gift box that contains everything a dog needs to be satisfied. The gift box comes with a variety of high quality toys along with an assortment of premium snacks and treats. The box contains all of this already wrapped in one to make it easy to give. The packaging also makes this an attractive gift to give. You can even include a special message along with the gift. [Buy it here]

A personalized food bowl is a unique way to make any dog feel special. This is a great gift to give pet-owners with multiple pets. This large personalized bowl will surely stand out. It can be easily customized with the dog’s name and picture. You can expect high quality with this food bowl. It is made of ceramic and is safe for microwaves and dishwashers. [Buy it here]

Every dog needs a home so how about their own personal house! This dog house will make the perfect gift to give a dog their own dedicated space. The dog house is made of soft and warm fabric making it very comfortable for dogs. It can also be folded for storage or converting to a flat bed. You get two gifts in one with this pet house. This gift is designed in small or medium models to fit a range of dogs. You can also get this pet house in brown, green or yellow. [Buy it here]

Birthday parties aren’t complete without a birthday cake. Dogs can enjoy this birthday treat too all while maintaining their pet diet. This organic dog cake will make a great surprise at any dog birthday party. It is made to be shared with other pets. It tastes like a mixture of dog treats and is made organically so it has all real ingredients. This birthday cake for dogs does not require any refrigeration or freezing so you can feel comfortable ordering online. It also includes a candle. [Buy it here]

There’s a reason why we enjoy sleeping in our own bed as opposed to hotel beds for example. Something about the bed being ours is what makes it special. Pets can be treated the same way. This personalized pet bed will make a great gift. Its modern style can be customized with the pet’s name. This bed comes in sizes including large or small. You can also find an indoor model or an outdoor fabric version. [Buy it here]

All dogs need exercise and fetch is a great game to play with them. Pet owners are not always free to play but this iFetch Ball Launcher is. This is a perfect gift for dogs to create their own fun. The iFetch throws tennis balls at adjustable distances. The dog can fetch and reload this toy. The iFetch is small and portable. It comes with a wall charger for unlimited stationary fun or can use batteries for outdoor fun. This item is best if given to small dogs. There is a larger edition available that uses full-sized tennis balls called iFetch Too. [Buy it here]

The Doggie Fountain is an easy way to make sure dogs are always hydrated. This is a portable dog-operated water fountain that is built to last. A dog simply steps on the water pad and a constant stream of water will flow from the fountain. This device is made with a hose attached to connect to a water source. This will give an unlimited supply of fresh water to the dog. This Doggie Fountain is different from other water supplies because it works on-demand. It’s a cleaner device since it will not have water sitting stationary until the dog actually needs to use it. [Buy it here]

Dogs will enjoy gifts that they can play with other pets. The Tuggo makes a great gift to give any sized dog. The toy features an adjustable-weighted ball and two knotted strings for tug of war. The center ball comes hollow but can be filled with water. Different weights make the toy more enjoyable depending on the dog size. You can find the strings in various sizes including 4-inches, 7-inches, and 10-inches. The ball comes in the colors blue, pink, red, or yellow. [Buy it here]

Feeding time for pets is very important. It’s an added chore for a pet owner. You can make their life easier with this programmable pet feeder. This automatic food dispenser can be programmed to the exact feeding time and frequency that a healthy dog needs. The owner only has to set it up one time on the LCD display which is very user friendly. You can adjust everything from portion sizes and the number of meals to dispense per day. The feeder can also be pre-recorded with the owner’s voice and played on schedule for calling their dog to eat. [Buy it here]

It’s always nice when you can take your dog to the pool or beach. It’s even better when they swim and relax alongside you. This Dog Pool Float will make that possible! The pool float is large enough to accommodate dogs of many sizes. The owner is sure to enjoy the dog print shape of the float. The float is built of durable material to withstand dog use. It’s also easy to inflate and will last many years. [Buy it here]

Dogs always need their exercise. Anything that gets them out playing in the yard is always a good thing. Tether Tug will make a great gift to provide any dog with hours of fun outside. Simply fix the tether pole to the ground. It has a sturdy base for dogs to pull at the rope attachment. This toy is great for dogs of all sizes and even comes in various sizes for dogs of different strengths. You can find it in medium, large, x-large, or uber size. [Buy it here]

A day at the park with our pets is always a great time. Every pet-owner enjoys this time with their pet. A dog gift basket will be the perfect gift. This gift basket contains everything they’d need for taking their dog out. This gift basket has a unique wicker basket design and can be carried with everything inside of it. It comes with 2 dog bowls, a grooming brush, and a rope chew toy. All of this can be stored in the basket and taken with them on their outings. [Buy it here]

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