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Gift Guide: Medical School Graduate

By Oliver Lee

Reaching medical school is a major accomplishment. Graduating medical school is an even bigger feat. Although the journey is starting anew from this point, it is still a milestone for anybody entering the medical field. Graduation is rapidly approaching. To help make their graduation ceremony even more special, check out these medical school graduation gift ideas.

The best doctors know how to make their patients feel comfortable. One way to increase the comfort level with a patient is to simply know about them and have a personal interaction. Consider this medical journal as a medical school graduation gift. When you have a day scheduled full of different patients it can be difficult to remember everything about each person. The journal provides more than enough space to write down notes about patients. It’s a great way to track their health and important information that could be useful during their next appointment. This journal can also be customized with the graduate’s name giving it a more personal feel. [Buy it here]

Graduation is a time where a lot of photos will be taken thanks to the celebrations happening all around. This can include cap and gown, white coat photos, or more candid shots such as the graduate walking across the stage. This customizable photo frame will make a great gift for a graduating medical student to hold their most cherished photo from this moment. This gift allows you to customize the wooden frame with their occupation, name, and title. [Buy it here]

Our valuables are always important for us to keep safe. As a medical student transitions from their studies into the actual medical field, certain small pieces of jewelry such as earrings and wrist wear may not be suitable for the workplace. This small keepsake storage box will be the perfect gift for a graduating medical school student. The top of the box is decorated with the official medical field logo and can be personalized with the graduate’s name. The box is designed with a soft lining for added protection of valuables while stored. There are a variety of size and color options to choose the best fit for the graduate. [Buy it here]

Perhaps the dream of a medical school graduate is to eventually open up their own office. How about you help them with this dream by giving them a gift to kick start the decoration process! This key holder will make a great gift for a medical school graduate. The key holder is decorated with medical symbols and contains seven key racks. They can hang important keys and key chains here for easy access in case they are needed at a moment’s notice. This key holder is a great place for car keys, office keys, or a key ring holding their office ID cards. [Buy it here]

Organization is key for a doctor to be successful. Graduating medical school means that they will soon be entering their careers and have a new set of obligations and tasks. Help them to manage these new responsibilities with a compact desktop organizer. This organizer will make a great gift for a graduating medical student and can be used either at home or in the office. It has plenty of space for holding their most frequently used office materials including smaller items such as pens, tape, and clips. Even larger items can be organized such as calculators, pads, and a stapler. The wood finish gives the organizer a professional appearance for any setting. [Buy it here]

If you are looking for a nice table piece that will always remind a medical school graduate of their accomplishments, then look no further. This medical school “snow globe” is much more than just a gift for the holidays. The medical symbolism makes it a great gift item for a medical school graduate. The best part is the many features that can be customized on this gift. The falling snow can be replaced with a variety of symbols such as diamonds, hearts, or angels. The base can also be customized with marble or wood finishes. [Buy it here]

Every student is familiar with the late nights and early mornings that it takes to be successful in school. A medical school graduate also knows this to be true even though their hard work is only just beginning. A great gift for them upon graduating is this “Keep Calm” doctor coffee mug. Help the graduate continue to make it through the long nights while on call and bouncing between patient rooms over a break with their favorite coffee. The medical profession can sometimes be stressful so this coffee mug will be a great reminder for them to relax and stay calm. [Buy it here]

Even after graduating, the learning process is never complete for a medical student. As time passes, they may forget some of the important knowledge learned while in school. This medical anatomy poster is the perfect solution to keep a medical school graduate sharp. The poster features the images and the names of important body structures. This gift will be very useful for a graduate to use as either reference or decoration. The laminated finish of the poster will make it last long into their careers. [Buy it here]

Any graduating medical school student will be excited to showcase their accomplishment with this LED car decal gift. This gift displays a doctor logo and can be placed on any window. This gift is designed with a battery pack attachment and lights up the image with special sensory technology. Once the dark is sensed, it turns on and even automatically shuts off after parking. You won’t have to worry about anything with this gift other than to enjoy the good attention it gets. [Buy it here]

Most doctor’s offices require an ID to enter to ensure that only hired professionals are around delicate information such as medical records. These ID’s are given once hired so it’s best to prepare your newly graduating medical student for the job. Check out this badge holder featuring the medical caduceus symbol. It will make a great gift for them to proudly display their official medical office ID. The badge holder has the option of a retractable design or a carabiner attachment for easy accessibility when needed. [Buy it here]

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