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Gift Guide: Law School Graduate

By Oliver Lee

Graduating law school is an amazing accomplishment. After many years of hard work and studying, they will be entering the prestigious lawyer profession. It’s always good to show recognition for their achievements. Check out our list of gift ideas to give any graduating law student that will surely help their transition into becoming a successful lawyer.

All law school graduates hope to be going straight to work with their favorite firms immediately after graduation. One of the first things they will be getting on their first day on the job are brand new business cards. Help your law school graduate keep these cards safe with this professional business card holder. First impressions are very important for Lawyers while prospecting for business so this cardholder is the perfect gift to complement their professional image. The metallic case can be personalized with their name and company. [Buy it here]

The coveted diploma is what all graduates look forward to receiving upon walking across the stage. If you’re looking for a gift idea to give a graduating law student, consider this certificate award frame as a simple, yet effective gift for keeping their diploma in perfect shape even years after receiving it. It will be a great wall decoration for their new office to admire for themselves and to appeal to their future clients. [Buy it here]

Whether your law school graduate has a job or not, it’s best to have them prepared either way. One of the necessities for their new office desk is a nameplate. A simple, everyday nameplate is easy to find, but this gift will set them apart from their peers. Any law school graduate will be proud to receive this nameplate, designed with a white marble background that can be customized with their name and of course occupation, Attorney at Law. This gift will surely take them from a recent graduate to a professional as soon as it’s placed on their desk. [Buy it here]

The best gifts to give are gifts that will be used time after time. One of the best gifts to give to a graduating law student is a personalized pen gift set. It goes without saying that any successful lawyer will get daily use out of any pen but this gift adds a special touch to the gift. This pen set includes the pen, which is designed with natural wood and can be laser engraved with the graduate’s name. It also comes with a matching natural wood holding case that can be decorated in a monogram style of their initial. [Buy it here]

It’s always good to have a laugh throughout the day. This humorous lawyer calendar has 12 months of laughs directed to the legal industry. This calendar will be a great gift for any recent law school graduate to have in their office. It will serve them two purposes. It’s a calendar so it will help with productivity and keeping them on schedule but each month displays a new cartoon so they will smile with each glance at it. The great thing is that you can start the 12-month calendar period with the month that you buy it so that it can be used to it’s fullest no matter the purchase date. [Buy it here]

A graduating law student already has the knowledge needed to succeed in the law profession. On the road to success you can help with their future office decorations by giving a gift of this wall clock. This wall clock is unique because you can customize it with either their personal logo or their future law firm’s logo. Having a clock to hang in their office will be perfect to keep them on schedule during the day and the added personal touch from this gift will make the office much more personable for them. Not to mention that it will make a lasting impression on their future clients. [Buy it here]

Clothing accessories are a great way to add a personalized touch no matter what you’re wearing. This lapel pin showcasing the scale of justice will be the perfect gift for any graduating law student. Lapel pins are often given on occasions such as graduation to highlight the school or profession so this will be great for adding to the collection. The lapel pin can add a bit of decoration anywhere it is placed. The pin can be customized with different finishes depending on the graduate’s taste. You can choose between either a round or square pin and finished with silver, gunmetal, or gold plated details. [Buy it here]

Justice is Served! Lawyer on Board! These are just a few of the phrases that you can customize this license plate with. It will be a great gift to give any graduating law student and can be personalized with any text. This standard size license plate comes in either aluminum or plastic. If the recent graduate already has a law firm that they will be working at upon graduation, this license plate gift allows you to even personalize the background image. It would be great to feature their personal logo or the firm’s logo. [Buy it here]

The dress code in the lawyer profession is a suit and tie for professionalism. A unique gift to give a graduating law student is something to complement their attire. These personalized cuff links are just the gift to consider! The standard sized rectangle cufflinks comes as a set of two and can be decorated with the name of the graduate or just the initials. You could even mix-and-match, customizing each cufflink with a different text. This gift will add a personalized touch to their outfit every time they put them on. [Buy it here]

A graduating law student has to start getting ready for the “real world” and with the law profession, there will be a lot of necessities that they have to carry around at all times. A gift to help make their life easier is this fully equipped leather messenger bag. This bag has a professional look and comes in black or brown. Even though it is compact and very mobile, it still has space for everything they will need on the job. It includes space for papers, notebooks, phone holder, laptop slot, and much more. The bag offers flexibility of being carried by hand or on their shoulder by its shoulder strap. [Buy it here]

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