Create Christmas Cards with your own Photo

How to buy perfect custom Christmas cards

By Mary Cabasige (guest post)

Ever since I got this idea in 2014 of buying personalized Christmas cards with my very own photo of my family instead of boring cards that had nothing to do with me I spent few days each holiday season trying to figure out where and how to order them so they look good with a photo of my choice. After all I wanted perfect customized cards that everyone will be jealous of!

I usually ended up ordering custom cards from Zazzle as it's a marketplace where many different designers post their work so the selection is endless and I was always able to find designs that fitted my style. But the problem is that even perfect design is not enough if it doesn't "click" with your photo. I have spent so many hours uploading my photo to different card templates just to find out it doesn't work with my photo. Either the "Merry Christmas" saying covered the faces on the photo or the colors didn't match. I wished I hadn't have to upload my photo each time. Finally one year ago I found gyftideas GICardMaker™ that allows you to upload your photo only once and instantly see a bunch of card designs customized with uploaded photo. This way you immediately see which design works with your photo and which doesn't so the whole process takes way less time. And it's free of course. Let me tell you how to save your precious time this Christmas by ordering your perfect Christmas cards using GICardMaker™:

1. Just choose any photo you'd like to have printed on your custom Christmas card. As an example for this article I chose this simple photo of kids:
Kids photo in iPhone screen

2. Go to GICardMaker™ (click here).

3. Choose your text (you can always update it later!), for example I went with our names - Mary, Andrew, Brian and Victoria.

4. Click "Choose file" and upload chosen photo.

5. Clicking "See your cards" will redirect you to Zazzle website with Christmas cards already populated with your photo and text.

One of my results below:
Kids photo in iPhone screen

Have fun choosing your perfect Christmas card! Go to GICardMaker™ now!

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