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DIY Gifts From Kids for Mother’s Day

By Pauline Key

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. Now is the best time to begin thinking of the best gift to give. Since Mother’s Day is a special holiday, how about giving a gift that shows just how special she is. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, one thing that always shows appreciation is a DIY gift, or Do-It-Yourself. These kinds of gifts are perfect for kids. They do not require too much money, can be personalized to the child’s creativity, and their Mother would be more than happy getting the gift from them. Check out our list of nine amazing DIY gifts from kids for Mother’s Day!

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for a mother, any jewelry from her child is just as valuable! It’s not everyday that she will receive personalized jewelry. This jewelry bead accessory set is the perfect DIY gift for kids. This kit makes the jewelry making process easy. Everything is already provided. The set includes a string and a variety of beads, varying in colors, shapes, and sizes. Their creativity is unlimited and kids will even have fun creating all kinds of bracelets, necklaces, and rings to make the perfect jewelry set for Mother’s Day. [Buy it here]

Creating amazing art is easier than you think that even a preschooler can do it! Thanks to this tissue paper art set, kids can create a unique gift to give for Mother’s Day. This DIY set comes with a design templates and many different tissue paper. To make the art, kids peel off sections of the templates and crumble up tissue paper to stick onto the base. Who would have thought crumbling up paper could create such beautiful art? Kids can use their imagination to choose different colors for each section, giving the finished product a personalized look. [Buy it here]

If you can’t find the perfect shirt gift to buy for Mother’s Day, this t-shirt painting kit allows kids to create their own designs! This project comes with everything needed to make that perfect t-shirt you were looking for, including washable paint, glitter, and even a t-shirt to begin. This will be a great art project for kids to be a part of. The t-shirt is a blank canvas for them to decorate and mothers will be able to showcase the love and creativity from their child. [Buy it here]

Mothers always like to put accomplishments on the refrigerator. For Mother’s Day, kids can give her something even more special to place there. This wooden butterfly magnet will be a gift to remember. The kit creates a great DIY gift for kids. The butterfly magnet is already assembled and only needs their creativity for decoration. Kids are provides paint, glitter, and decals to personalize this the butterfly as they want. It comes with four separate magnets so they can choose to give one magnet, or create a gift set to give. Since the magnet is wooden, it is sure to last for many years to come. [Buy it here]

Every mother loves flowers, especially for Mother’s Day. Kids can make the gift of flowers even more special with this DIY project. The flower origami kit allows kids to make their own bouquet of flowers to give. The kit comes with a picture guide giving step-by-step instructions how to make different types of flowers. It also includes different colors of paper to make the perfect combination of flowers and also “stems” to really bring the project to life. This is a simple DIY project for kids and all it takes is folding paper to create the perfect assortments. [Buy it here]

Kids are always outside playing and bring random things inside, including rocks. How about letting them turn that oddly shaped rock into a gift of art. This rock art kit will create a great DIY gift for Mother’s Day. The kit comes with more than just paint, but also a variety of accessories such as string hair and googly eyes that will bring the rock to life. The kit does not come with any design tips so the creativity is left to the kids. This is the perfect opportunity for them to recreate their mother’s favorite animal. Next time they go out to play, tell them to keep an eye out for the best shaped rock for the project. [Buy it here]

Sometimes card stores do not have the best card that really expresses our thoughts and feelings. What’s the solution? Check out this blank holiday card that can be great for kids to give for Mother’s Day. You can customize this card with a memorable photo of the child and mother that will be printed in high quality upon ordering. The rest of the card can be left up to the kids to create, including the message inside. The card allows plenty of room for the child to express how they feel for their mother. They have the freedom to write, draw, color, paint, etc. The possibilities are endless with this blank slate. [Buy it here]

Here’s a gift idea that will be always carried everywhere. This keychain comes as a cool DIY gift that kids can give for Mother’s Day. Kids can select their favorite photo of themselves with their mother or even create a special drawing of their own to include. This simple design allows you to just snap the photo in and it’s all set to go! You get to decorate the front and back of the keychain so they can place a photo on the front and include a special message on the back. [Buy it here]

Mothers are always on the go. A gift of a travel mug is great for her to hold her favorite hot or cold beverage in. The unique thing about these travel mugs that make them an even better gift than an ordinary travel mug is the ability to customize the appearance. Kids will love decorating this travel mug for Mother’s Day. The mug is designed with room for inserts. Paper design templates are included with the mug to decorate but kids that are feeling a bit more creative can also add in their own photos. [Buy it here]

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