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Top 10 Home Gift Ideas - Interview with Interior Designer

By Pauline Key

"Home decoration products are some of the best gifts you can give your loved one. They are unique and beautiful. They are easily treasured. What's more, decoration items are usually placed in vantage positions in the home; where they are frequently seen. Thus, they will always remind the person about your gift to them. It is essential, therefore, to always select the best and long-lasting products when considering home décor gifts. I have some insights to share herein; I hope they will come in handy when you are thinking of buying that home décor product, for you or as a gift for that special someone."

"This is not just your ordinary table lamp; it grants you the opportunity to have a personalized message imprinted on the sides; anything from original artwork, bold graphics to photos. The size and style are also highly customizable. Do your home or office lighting with a touch of grandiose and sophistication. I think this table lamp would add a fine ambiance to a restaurant space; especially if the imprint on the outer wrapper is customized to fit in with the theme of other decorations such as the wall paintings. I can imagine how patrons would enjoy the subtle shades thrown off the table lamps. This table lamp would instantly convert an ordinary room into a romantic, soothing or even religious location." [Buy it here]

"The bedroom is my favorite space within my house. Apart from the privacy, it offers, my mind always gets soothed, almost as if by magic, whenever I step into the bedroom. One of the reasons is that I have customized my bedding. You can too, with this queen size duvet cover which you can acquire with your personal typography imprinted on it. What's more, it comes in whichever color you will prefer, both the duvet as well as printed typography. I am fascinated by its resistance to wrinkling." [Buy it here]

"I have helped hundreds of clients with their home décor needs and it always surprises me how they almost always forget a tiny but essential element; a bathroom mat. They are always pleased with my suggestion that they acquire a bath mat to complete their home decoration. Surprise your loved one with this medium bath mat; I guarantee they shall be pleasantly surprised. It is top-material and ergonomic. There is something soothing and luxurious about standing on a soft cushion while drying off after a bath." [Buy it here]

"I was amazed by the elegance of this large serving tray. The natural wood finish is classical and unique! The glossy finish will make this product stand out from other cutlery and utensils. It is a befitting home gift for your loved one, or someone you hold dear and hope to gift in a special way. If you are presenting this product as a gift, you will want to personalize it photos, texts or graphical designs bearing a special message for that person." [Buy it here]

"If you are a guest in that wedding, birthday party or other such celebration, you can buy a decorative porcelain plate and present it as a home décor gift. It is the perfect keepsake gift; it can be personalized with the bride or groom's names, pictures or other commemorative image or illustration. The porcelain plate is dishwasher and microwave safe and perfectly okay for placing and serving all types of food. The decorative usability of the porcelain plate is enhanced by the presence of two small holes on the back of the plate for easy wall hanging." [Buy it here]

"Clocks are some of the oldest aesthetic items in homes. They have been used in decorating home rooms for centuries. Their value has not deteriorated; if anything, they are even more valuable in the modern era. Buy this square wall clock for your loved one and have it customized. It is a special home gift for a special person. You have the option of adding art, photos or textual messages. If you do it right; you will make it a memorable prize and a memorable treasure for your loved one." [Buy it here]

"My bedroom experience is never quite complete without the presence of pillows. This particular pillow is unique in all aspects; I am impressed. They come in several sizes and shapes. I purchased a couple and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they are of very high-quality fabric; brushed polyester. The fabric is also highly tensile. I ordered them personalized with designs complementing my entire bedroom set-up. You can do it too! You will be pleased to discover that the pillows have a hidden zipper enclosure, synthetic-filled insert." [Buy it here]

"Entertainment areas and living rooms are some of the most demanding regarding home décor. These are the areas that get more visitors than any other rooms within your home. It is, therefore, imperative that you make them as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as possible. This beautiful glass cutting board is a great feature for entertainment areas and the kitchen too. It is an eye-catching décor. Furthermore, it is designed to match any décor in combination with printed custom text or designs." [Buy it here]

"A bright kitchen is a fine element of a perfect home. Based on my eight years' experience decorating people's homes, I have learned that the kitchen is one of the most difficult places to decorate. It is just difficult to obtain aesthetic beauty simultaneously with the usability of the kitchen space. With these custom kitchen towels, you can brighten up the kitchen space almost effortlessly. They are made of a durable poly blend. With custom text or artwork, they can look vibrant. They are durable and easy to maintain; they can last a lifetime." [Buy it here]

"The decoration is never a serious affair; it should be fun, fun throughout. The coaster puzzle is not your average table top cover. It is a combination of an exciting puzzle game and a table top coaster. The coaster comes in a variety of designs and large sizes, but they break into four regular sized coasters and can be easily redistributed across a table top. They are made with a glossy coat; resistant to strains and a cork base for greater friction, to prevent it sliding haphazardly across the table top." [Buy it here]

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