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10 Gift Ideas Under $20

By Pauline Key

Gifts should be very special; but they need not be expensive. You can find an awesome gift without actually spending a fortune on it. If you doubt that, you will be delighted by what our redactors compiled after researching on the best gifts fewer than $20 this season. Check it out!

As far as unique goes, these light switch covers definitely score 100%. You are probably used to switches as those small and dull protrusions on walls; ordinary and necessary, but not actually beautiful. This light switch cover is a turn-around from the norm; it lends new credence to the aesthetic value of switch covers. With vibrant full-color HD printing on this switch cover, the switch will cease to be a dull presence in the room. Who wouldn't love it as a gift? This is certainly a brilliant gift idea. For $14.50, this is one of the best gifts you can get with a budget of less than $20. [Buy it here]

"Let's get wild tonight, my little angel, sleep tight my princess/prince, I'm succeeding in life!" these are some personalized novelty customized texts you'd order with this pillowcase. This is an absolutely out of the box gift to give to newlyweds, at housewarmings, to your grandchildren, girl/boy friend and basically anyone who cherishes sleep. For $15.65 this soft microfiber pillowcase will please your loved ones this festive season. It's worth every dollar! [Buy it here]

These label cards with a photo of a hummingbird can be customized and used as address labels, shipping labels or return address labels. The vibrant full colors applied on the print, coupled with the matte finish grants these labels a touch of class and sophistication. Furthermore, they are easy to write on and do not easily smudge with wet ink or dirt. They are great stickers for custom gift tags. Use them to complete the package while delivering that well-thought-out gift. You can get 30 labels in one sheet for $3.75. [Buy it here]

A photo puzzle is a great pass-time for both young and old. It is an ideal way to engage the mind positively; challenging and relaxing at the same time. The Lighthouse Jigsaw Puzzle is a custom-made puzzle that is printed in vivid, striking and full color. The surface is easy to clean; requiring only gentle wiping to remove dust or other dirt. It is certainly a worthy gift; especially for those who appreciate brilliant mind games! You will be delighted to learn that this amazing product comes with a beautiful gift box; helping you make the gift presentation special and memorable. [Buy it here]

A bottle of wine has a long history as a befitting gift for special ones. It is often opened and shared by the giver and the gifted; but it is never drained empty. That is where a wine stopper comes in handy; helping to preserve and prolong the open bottles of wine; allowing the gifted to savor the full flavor and exquisite taste of beverage. This Chrome wine stopper is one-of-a-kind, customizable, and definitely memorable as a gift for a wine lover. Engage your creative mind and make it more special by decorating with your custom designs, images or text. Going for $19.95, this classically designed wine stopper is certainly a special gift idea under $20. [Buy it here]

Avid readers love bookmarks; tools they can manually tuck in between pages so they can get back to the specific page upon resuming their read. This beautiful wooden bookmark, coming in three different wood types, two tassel styles and four tassel colors is the perfect gift for that bookmworm friend or loved one. You can further customize this artistic bookmark with vivid color photos, designs and even favorite quotes. Providing a collegiate and classic look and feel, this excellent quality manual bookmarking tool is one of the best gift ideas under $20. [Buy it here]

This custom credit card bottle opener is not only classy, it is ergonomic too. Made of stainless steel, the manufacturer evidently intended it to last long in the hands of any owner. If you customize it with well-thought-out images, designs or text, you can present it as a treasured gift for a birthday boy, or that groomsman! They will be delighted to find that it fits snugly in their wallets; and is even identical to the credit cards there. The printing is not only beautiful but it also provides an extra protective coating, helping it further withstand the test of time. [Buy it here]

The Mix Tape Wood Flash Drive is certainly a product designed to impress, and impress greatly! It is an artistic USB flash drive appearing like the traditional mix tape, made of beautiful and unique hardwood maple; which makes it a one of a kind accessory, and a perfect gift! It offers an option for high quality color printing on front and back so you can customize it to suit diverse needs. All you have to figure out is, does he need 8 GB, 16GB or 64 GB of storage capacity. Of course, greater capacity is always desirable, so you might want to get him or her the 64 GB one! [Buy it here]

It's frustrating forgetting vital dates throughout the year, yes? Well, 2017 is the perfect year to break that tradition! This calendar with beautiful photos will help you! It's exactly what you need! It's the perfect end of year gift for you and all your loved ones. You can even add your own pictures throughout the 12 months. Elegant best describes this calendar. You're $17.95 away from living a focused, goal oriented, and successful 2017. [Buy it here]

Meal time can be absolute fun time too! With these custom placemats printed in full vibrant and vivid colors, you can make that a reality, for you or a loved one. Gift them with the Crows Cloth Placemats and forever transform their meal times into delightful, cheerful moments to be looked forward to. The beautiful patterns add color to the dinner table and make meal times a beautiful experience. They are food-friendly and durable; made of polyester-based synthetic paper. They are also easy to clean, so no stress on that side! Going for just five cents fewer than $20, the cloth placemats close our list of impressive gift ideas under $20. I hope this list proves useful as you dig around for special yet affordable gift ideas. [Buy it here]

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