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8 Champion Gift Ideas for Your Champion Coach

By Oliver Lee

Coaches work hard all season. If you’re on the team or not, we all know at least one coach, from your local neighborhood teams to the major leagues. We also know their dedication to the game from training camp and try outs to the championships. Besides a winning season, sometimes it can be hard to know what kind of gift to give. There are many ways to show your appreciation or simply to give them some attention since most of the time their attention is on building a great sports program. For every case, we have some amazing gifts for your favorite coach!

You may think that a basketball coach gets tired of seeing basketballs by the end of the season but here’s a gift that’s the exception! This full-sized basketball is more of a memorabilia object that can be fully customized. The basketball’s panels can be decorated in the team’s colors and feature the coach’s name, and also the entire team players as well as the season year. This is a great gift for remembering an amazing year or even to recognize the players that the coach trained. Wouldn’t it be cool if looking back, one or more of the players went on to be NBA MVPs? [Buy it here]

Being a coach can mean a lot of early mornings and late nights. A good way to kick start their day, or give them that last boost for the day is a nice cup of coffee served in their very own travel mug. This stainless steel mug is designed with plastic details and can be customized with printed text and image. May we suggest a team logo? This mug is perfect for the away games and will keep their drink hot or cold the entire trip. If they already have a mug or not, the personal touch that this offers will make your favorite coach feel even more a part of the team. [Buy it here]

Sometimes the perfect gift for a coach is something that helps them…well, coach! In the game of basketball, plays are always being drawn up. You can help your coach take his coaching to the next level with this dry erase board. It is modeled after a basketball court for accurate play designing. With its size being slightly larger than a standard sheet of paper, it can be carried right into the huddle. Thanks to the dry erase, it’s easy to modify plays when the game is on the line. The header of the board can also be customized with text. [Buy it here]

Any true fan of baseball would be thrilled to get this special baseball binder! The fully decorated binder comes in the standard size with 3 rings. It features a close up image of a baseball showing its detail so clear you would think the binder is textured. This will be a great item for your favorite coach to put team information and game plans into. To make this gift even more special, it can be personalized with text on the side that comes out in a cool, modern font. May we suggest the team name or coach name? [Buy it here]

Coming up with the perfect gift for a coach sometimes requires you to think outside the box. Have you ever wondered who coaches the coach? Well this great gift can give some motivational coaching in the form of a calendar. This full color calendar features a different development message each month printed on high quality paper and held together by a spiral binding. Perfect to pass on to their team during practice or the game. The calendar is already marked with all major holidays but there is plenty of space to also mark off important game days. [Buy it here]

The simplest gifts are often overlooked but can give the most joy if thought out correctly. This is the reason why this sports keychain will make a great gift for a coach. The keychain has several different style options including a basketball, soccer, or even plain. Each keychain can also be customized with text, including different options such as team name, coach name, and year. The plain key chains are perfect for cheer coaches. As a coach, they may have several important keys including the gym, equipment lockers, office, etc. This means that this keychain will always be with them! [Buy it here]

Practice may be a little informal with sweats and hoodies, but when it’s game time, it’s common to see a coach dressed in a professional suit. To compliment their suit, how about giving the gift of a customizable tie! The team already has their uniforms decorated with the team colors and logo. The coach now has the opportunity to match with this tie. You can fully personalize it with the available sports templates, or use a custom one showcasing the team logo, colors, name, etc. This tie can also be for the end-of-the-year ceremony as it has a stylish design made of polyester with silky finish. [Buy it here]

In the age of smartphones, upgrades are quite frequent. Phone cases are possibly the most popular accessories for the newest phones. This makes it a perfect gift for a sport’s coach. But not just any smartphone case. This unique gift for the iPhone 7 is a hard shell case modeled after a baseball. Quite the premium case, this is designed with top quality features such as impact resistant and shock absorbing. These features are perfect for a constantly active and traveling coach. The best part about the case is its personalization. You have the option to customize the case with the coach’s name and can also include a number if he has a favorite! [Buy it here]

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